Recipe: Delicious Napa cabbage tofu and chickenball soup *Instant pot max*三鲜粉丝汤#mommasrecipes

Napa cabbage tofu and chickenball soup *Instant pot max*三鲜粉丝汤#mommasrecipes.
It’s light, savory, and the cabbage turns naturally sweet after simmered in chicken broth with shiitake mushrooms. I highly recommend that you use chicken thighs for this instant pot recipe. Chop up the onion and ginger.

Use an ample amount of the large, thick outer leaves.

You can transfer the chicken and vegetables to another pot, and strain the broth if you like cleaner broth.

Layering it with so many textures – ruffle-y Napa cabbage leaves, matchsticks of radish and pear, chewy baked tofu, crunchy nuts and seeds The tofu alone could be made in a big batch and tossed into other salads throughout the week, as well.

You can cook Napa cabbage tofu and chickenball soup *Instant pot max*三鲜粉丝汤#mommasrecipes using 11 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Napa cabbage tofu and chickenball soup *Instant pot max*三鲜粉丝汤#mommasrecipes

It’s 1 bundle of vermicelli.

You need 8 of chicken meatball.

You need 10 of large napa cabbage leaves.

You need 1 handful of dried wood ear mushroom.

You need 1 of carrot.

Prepare 8 oz of fried firm tofu.

It’s 16 oz of homemade chicken and seafood stock.

It’s 2 Tsp of lacto-fermented veggie.

It’s 1/4 cup of olive oil.

It’s to taste of fish sacue.

It’s 1 Tsp of toasted sesame oil.

Cooking cabbage soup in your Instant Pot helps to maintain a bit of texture in the ingredients, though not too much crunch.

Veggie-packed, yet still bright If you want to get creative, you can easily add lots of other vegetables to this Instant Pot soup—either based on your taste preference, or what you.

You end up with fall-apart cabbage plus a rich and hearty flavor that’s super comforting.

Napa Cabbage Soup with Tofu and MeatballsOmnivore’s Cookbook.

Napa cabbage tofu and chickenball soup *Instant pot max*三鲜粉丝汤#mommasrecipes instructions

Soak dried wood ear mushroom one day ahead. Soak rice vermicelli in warm water until soften for about 5 min..

While waiting for vermicelli to be ready, sautee carrots, wood ear mushroom, fermented veggies and napa cabbages in olive oil. Set Instant pot Max on Sautee function for 10 minutes. Keep stir fry until all veggies are withered..

Pour in 16 oz homemade stock and 32 oz water. Add fried tofu, vermicelli, pre-cooked chickenballs. Cancel santee function, and switch to pressure cook, select low pressure and time for 1 min and choose quick release..

Once pressure is release, remove the lid and adjust the seasoning with fish sauce. Drizzling some toasted sesame oil when serving..

Baicai Doufu Tang (Chinese Cabbage and Tofu Soup) green onions, chicken stock, napa cabbage, extra firm tofu Napa Cabbage Recipes.

Dinner Time – Chinese Chicken Pot Sticker SoupYour Homebased Mom.

Napa cabbage can withstand long cooking.

I like to use the whole leaves in hot pots or chaffing Celery cabbage or napa is cylindrical in shape with broad milky white stems and crinkly edged leaves.

The Chinese folk saying above extols the virtue of tofu and napa cabbage to keep us well.

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How to Prepare Perfect Doenjang Napa Clam Soup大酱汤*Instant pot Max* #mommasrecipes

Doenjang Napa Clam Soup大酱汤*Instant pot Max* #mommasrecipes.

You can have Doenjang Napa Clam Soup大酱汤*Instant pot Max* #mommasrecipes using 12 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Doenjang Napa Clam Soup大酱汤*Instant pot Max* #mommasrecipes

You need 10 of napa cabbage leaves, cut into inch width.

It’s 1/2 of onion, sliced.

Prepare 1 of carrot, sliced.

You need 8 of soy puff filled with grounded chicken.

Prepare 8 of clams.

Prepare 8 oz of firm tofu, sliced.

It’s 2 Tsp of 3-year aged soybean paste.

You need 1 pinch of brown sugar.

You need 2 Tsp of rice starch.

Prepare 16 oz of homemade stock.

It’s of fish sauce.

It’s of olive oil.

Doenjang Napa Clam Soup大酱汤*Instant pot Max* #mommasrecipes instructions

Turn on Instant Pot max saute function. Saute carrots, onion and napa cabbage until cabbages are withered..

Stir in brown sguar, soybean paste. Pour in stock and 16 oz water and rice starchy water. Throw in soy puff, firm tofu or any other protein of your choice. Cancel saute function and switch to pressure cook, set 1 minute at low pressure and opt in quick release..

Once the pot is done cooking and the pressure is released. Remove the lid and stir in clams. Adjust seasoning with fish sauce. Sprinkle with green onions..

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Easiest Way to Cook Delicious Fish Flakes Recipes (Kids Snack)

Fish Flakes Recipes (Kids Snack).

You can have Fish Flakes Recipes (Kids Snack) using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Fish Flakes Recipes (Kids Snack)

Prepare 2 of Big Markarel akaTitus fish (preferable).

Prepare 1/2 of Medium Size Onions.

You need 1 of Egg to bind.

Prepare to taste of Salt.

You need 2 of fresh Pepper blended (optional).

It’s 2 Cube of Bouillon.

Prepare 1/2 tsp of Curry powder (optional).

It’s 2 cups of Vegetable oil for frying.

Fish Flakes Recipes (Kids Snack) instructions

Per boil your fish and season with onion, salt, bouillon cube, curry powder, pepper optional or very little remember this fish flake is for the kids..

Make sure the fish is properly cooked, bring it down and allow water to drain out..

De-bone fish properly; with a fork, flake the fish fibers into even pieces..

Add your beaten eggs and bind into the fish.

Shape like a ball and Fry in deep or shallow oil or bake in your oven if you want to avoid the so much oil..

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Easiest Way to Prepare Appetizing Noom Friendly Instant Pot Green Bean Jambalaya

Noom Friendly Instant Pot Green Bean Jambalaya.

You can have Noom Friendly Instant Pot Green Bean Jambalaya using 18 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Noom Friendly Instant Pot Green Bean Jambalaya

You need 4 links of cooked chicken sausage sliced.

Prepare 2 cups of uncooked brown rice washed.

Prepare 1 can of diced tomatoes.

You need 1 cup of chopped green beans.

You need 1 of diced celery heart.

It’s 1 of diced onion.

You need 6 tbsp of minced garlic.

It’s 2 tbsp of cumin.

Prepare 2 tbsp of coriander.

Prepare 2 tbsp of chili powder.

It’s 1 tbsp of paprika.

Prepare 1 tbsp of thyme.

It’s 1 tbsp of pepper.

Prepare 1 tsp of salt.

You need 4 packets of chicken broth.

You need 2 cups of frozen succotash vegetables (corn, edamame, pepper).

You need 3 cups of hot water.

You need 6 slices of turkey bacon cut into chunks.

Noom Friendly Instant Pot Green Bean Jambalaya instructions

Added all ingredients except for the bacon to the Instant Pot. Stir until the spices and vegetables have been mixed together..

Lie the bacon on top of the mixture..

Set the Instant Pot to cook for 30 minutes on soup mode. Natural cooling is optional. Using the quick release is perfectly fine..

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Recipe: Tasty Chicken salad

Chicken salad.
Use Our Step-By-Step Guide To Cook Simple and Delectable Meal Plans. A healthy and tasty chicken salad with a fruity twist – great on a croissant or in a honey pita. Note: This salad is best if eaten the day after preparation.

Why not rely on our all-star roundup of popular chicken salad recipes for creative twists on familiar favorites.

Chicken Salad is a simple and easy go-to lunch around here!

A classic chicken salad recipe combines tender chicken with the perfect blend of flavors and add ins.

You can cook Chicken salad using 9 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Chicken salad

Prepare 1/4 cup of chopped or slivered nuts (I used almonds).

It’s 2 cups of roast chicken, shredded and skin removed.

Prepare 2 of celery ribs, finely chopped.

You need 8 of cornichons, finely chopped.

Prepare 1 tsp of shallot, finely chopped.

You need 1/3 cup of mayonnaise.

It’s 1/4 cup of white wine vinegar.

It’s 1 tbsp of creamed horseradish.

It’s 2 tbsp of fresh tarragon, chopped.

It’s great served on a bed of lettuce, in a sandwich or rolled up in a tortilla for a delicious meal on the go!

Curry chicken salad is wonderful in pita pockets with a simple salad on the side.

It also makes a great meal when mixed with cooked cubed potatoes.

The curry powder gives it a powerful character while the sweet raisins and mayo tone it down, making a flavorful salad.

Chicken salad step by step

Add the nuts to a small pan on medium-low heat. Let them warm through for 3 to 4 minutes, stirring occasionally..

Put all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Add several grinds of freshly cracked black pepper and a good pinch of salt. Stir to combine. Add additional salt and pepper to taste..

Chop cooked and cooled chicken and place into a large bowl with celery and onions.; Mix dressing ingredients (per recipe below) in a bowl.

Serve on rolls, bread or over a bead of lettuce.; For this chicken salad sandwich recipe, any bread will do, thick slices of a.

This old-fashioned recipe harkens back to our great-grandmother’s day when a well-seasoned mix of chopped chicken and celery were bound together with homemade mayonnaise and a generous splash of fresh lemon juice.

Boiled eggs and pickled relish were optional.

Everyone likes chicken salad different ways: ground up and fine, large and chunky, chock full of onions, nuts, and any number of other ingredients.

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Recipe: Tasty Ninja foodie/Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole #mommasrecipes

Ninja foodie/Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole #mommasrecipes.

You can have Ninja foodie/Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole #mommasrecipes using 10 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Ninja foodie/Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole #mommasrecipes

You need of potatoes.

Prepare of butter.

Prepare of salt.

Prepare of pepper.

It’s of milk (may need more to make it creamer).

You need of sour cream.

It’s of ranch seasoning mix.

You need of shredded cheese (save some for toppings).

It’s of green onions chopped.

Prepare of bacon cooked and crumbled (or use bacon crumbles).

Ninja foodie/Instant Pot Twice Baked Potatoes Casserole #mommasrecipes step by step

Cut your potatoes into chunks. Leave the skin on.
Place in the pressure cooker or Instant pot. Add 1 cup of water, Stick butter, and salt and pepper.
Place the lid on top and make sure your nob is set to sealing.
Then click the manual button and turn it to 6 minutes.
Do the quick release to relieve the pressure..

Add the other butter, milk.
Mix well with an electric hand mixer right in the instant pot or (remove if using a ninja foodie) mash with a hand masher.
Add in sour cream, ranch mix, and mix well.
Fold in Shredded cheese and green onions.
Place in a baking dish. Top with remaining cheese, chives, bacon.
Baked in 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.(you can do this step in the ninja foodie watch for different cook times though).

Makes a great freezer meal recipe.
You can freeze it. Make it up and place it in a foil pan. Allow it to cool completely and cover with foil.
You can freeze up to 3 months.
To reheat, you simply thaw it out overnight and bake it for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. If it is still frozen, you can bake it at 350 degrees for 1 1/2 hours.
This will be great to make in advance for holidays or family gatherings and is such an easy freezer meal recipe..


Notes- iam using our favorite cheese. I get this at sams club, it’s really good and melts great… (this will look better if your not using a white cheese obviously lol) I also used real cooked bacon bits..

More notes- I didn’t follow the recipe on measurements, I used what I had and I didn’t want to use that much butter to being with…. so I just made mashed potatoes like I’d normally would and added in the extra stuff, I did use all of the ranch packet seasoning though… and last I did cook all of this in the ninja foodie, last step I used air crisp mode, but before adding in my mashed potatoes I spayed it with some unstick olive oil..

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